T2A Current work

T2A supports new work on a regular basis, which means this listing page will change as new work is taken on and existing work finishes. Contact us if you have a proposal, want to tell us about work you’re doing, or have a question about our current work which is listed below.

young adults
Zahid Mubarek Trust

The purpose of the grant is to improve the outcomes from the discrimination complaints system in prisons

young adults
The Howard League for Penal Reform

To identify young adults experiences on remand, areas for improvement and develop a delivery model for legal education in prison

young adults
Revolving Doors Agency

To embed knowledge of young adults and maturity in police led diversion services

young adults
Centre for Crime and Justice Studies

To strengthen advocacy for young adults on key serious violence policies

young adults
Centre for Justice Innovation

To support police forces to incorporate diversion into the two tier out of court disposal framework

young adults
4 Front

To document the impact of the criminal justice system on young black people

young adults
Friends, Families and Travellers

To better understand the impact of the justice system on Gypsy, Roma and Traveller young adults and their families

court, young adults
Transform Justice

Transform Justice plan to observe how young adults are dealt with as defendants in magistrates courts.

young adults
The Alliance for Youth Justice

Improving young people’s experiences of transitions

advocacy, research
Leaders Unlocked 

Young Adult Advisors on Criminal Justice Part 2

The Police Foundation

To test evidence based approaches to the policing of young adults.

young adults
Jonah’s Project CIC

Birmingham Peer Hearing

service development
University of Salford

Using an identity lens: working constructively with young adults in the CJS

Spark Inside

Wellbeing & racial equity for young men in prison

Child Rights and Youth Justice C.I.C.

Dare to Care: Representing Care Experienced Young People

Release Legal and Emergency Drugs Services

Reducing racial disparity in drug diversion schemes

WhyMe? UK

Embedding Restorative Justice for children and young adults

advocacy, research
Just for Kids Law

Turning 18: Timely Justice 2022-24