16 November 2021

The Sentencing Academy 

Previous works

The use of deferred sentencing in England and Wales

Using literature research and a case law review this research project looked at how deferred sentencing is currently applied to young adults. 

Initial project outline: Deferred sentencing was introduced 50 years ago to allow courts to defer sentencing to allow the offender to demonstrate progress towards rehabilitation. It was developed with young adults in mind and an early study found that young adults (between the ages of 17 and 25) accounted for most cases. In its 2020 White Paper the Government announced its intention to promote deferred sentencing. There has been a lack of investigation into the use of deferred sentencing since the 1980s. The Sentencing Academy hopes to stimulate discussions to promote greater use of this provision and believe that this first stage research will be of assistance to the Ministry of Justice and the Sentencing Council.

The Sentencing Academy