Leicestershire Police and Crime Commissioner prioritises young adults

Leicestershire Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC), Sir Clive Loader, has identified young adults as a priority group within his Police and Crime Plan and has commissioned a Young Adults Project (YAP) to recommend system-wide changes which will contribute to reducing offending and re-offending rates during young people’s transition to adulthood. The Project Team is currently considering the growing evidence that young adults require an approach which takes into account their developing maturity and specific needs.

The first YAP project update can be read here

Reporting to a multi-agency Project Board, chaired by Paul Brown, Chief Executive of The Y in Leicester, Phase 1 of the project is tasked with gaining a deeper understanding the offending and needs of the 16-24 age group and examining the evidence as to what is effective in reducing their offending and re-offending. Phase 1 is expected to conclude in April 2014 and the project will then present its findings and make recommendations to the local Reducing Reoffending Board in April 2014.

“This is a significant opportunity to achieve better outcomes, whilst it is true that young adults are disproportionately represented in the criminal justice system, they are also at an age where desistance is most likely – a fundamental aim of the project is to identify how agencies can collectively support these natural processes of desistance more effectively,” said Grace Strong, YAP Project Manager.

T2A, which last year published an audit of all Police and Crime Commissioner plans, will be meeting the Leicestershire Young Adult Project in March. T2A will also publish a new briefing paper this month highlighting best practice in relation to young adults by this and other Police and Crime Commissioners across England and Wales.