Ongoing Projects

The table below will provide you with information about all the ongoing T2A projects.

Lead OrganisationWebsiteProject descriptionStatus


Evaluating the MoJ's 'deferred prosecutions' pilot.


Equal - Ending Criminal Justice Race Inequality for Children and Young Adults. Implementation phase of Young Review on over-representation of young black and Muslim men in the criminal justice system

Care Leavers Association

Between Care and Criminal Justice - Bridging the Chasm. To campaign for evidence based policy change to support care leavers with criminal justice experience

Centre for Justice Innovation

Developing pre-court diversion for young adults

Criminal Justice Alliance

Connecting for Change - dissemination of T2A messages.

Project in progress.

Dundee University

LGBTQI people in prison - Research on the experience of LGBTQI people in UK prisons

Report launch early 2021

Exeter University

Neuro-Adversity and Transition: key time points for action - the project will support the development of trauma-informed assessment tools in the criminal justice system

Howard League for Penal Reform

Embedding sentencing principles for young adults - to support the embedding of best practice sentencing principles for young adults.

Project in progress


Disproportionality in youth justice - project will examine the causes of BAME disproportionality in the youth justice system of England and Wales. It will make practical recommendations with a view to reducing it.

Project in progress

Just for Kids Law

Investigating the legal support provided to young BAME people and making recommendations for an improved service

Leaders Unlocked

A forum of young adults to engage with aspects of criminal justice policy that affect 18-25 year olds

Report in progress

Magistrates Association

To develop and promote knowledge of maturity among magistrates.

Report to be published early 2021

Manchester Metropolitan University

T2A Pathway Evaluation MMU - A four year research study examining the impact of distinct approaches to young adults throughout the criminal justice system.

Police Foundation

Policing and young adults: practice development project - to test evidence based approaches to the policing of young adults

Prisoners Education Trust

Prison education for young adults: fair and effective - review of education in prisons for young adults.

Project in progress

Prison Radio Association

Future prison podcast - the grant will produce six programmes facilitating a dialogue between BAME people, women and young adults with lived experience and policy leads in the Ministry of Justice.

In progress.

Redthread Birmingham

To intervene at A&E trauma centers with young adult victims of knife crime and gun wounds

Revolving Doors Agency

New Generation: leading for resilient young adults - developing and sharing trauma informed policing practice for young adults.


University of Leicester

Sex offender Registration: justice for the young - the research project will investigate the impact on children and young people of being placed on the Sex Offender Register.

Project underway.