Ongoing Projects

The table below will provide you with information about all the ongoing T2A projects.

Lead OrganisationWebsiteProject descriptionStatus


Evaluating the MoJ's 'deferred prosecutions' pilot.

Action for Race Equality (Formally BTEG)

Ending Criminal Justice Race Inequality for Children and Young Adults. Implementation phase of Young Review on over-representation of young black and Muslim men in the criminal justice system

Care Leavers Association

Between Care and Criminal Justice - Bridging the Chasm. To campaign for evidence based policy change to support care leavers with criminal justice experience

Centre for Justice Innovation

Developing pre-court diversion for young adults

Criminal Justice Alliance

Connecting for Change - dissemination of T2A messages.

Project in progress.

Dundee University

LGBTQI people in prison - Research on the experience of LGBTQI people in UK prisons

Report launch early 2021

Exeter University

Neuro-Adversity and Transition: key time points for action - the project will support the development of trauma-informed assessment tools in the criminal justice system

Howard League for Penal Reform

Embedding sentencing principles for young adults - to support the embedding of best practice sentencing principles for young adults.

Project in progress


Disproportionality in youth justice - project will examine the causes of BAME disproportionality in the youth justice system of England and Wales. It will make practical recommendations with a view to reducing it.

Project in progress

Just for Kids Law

Investigating the legal support provided to young BAME people and making recommendations for an improved service

Leaders Unlocked

A forum of young adults to engage with aspects of criminal justice policy that affect 18-25 year olds

Report in progress

Magistrates Association

To develop and promote knowledge of maturity among magistrates.

Report to be published early 2021

Manchester Metropolitan University

T2A Pathway Evaluation MMU - A four year research study examining the impact of distinct approaches to young adults throughout the criminal justice system.

Police Foundation

Policing and young adults: practice development project - to test evidence based approaches to the policing of young adults

Prisoners Education Trust

Prison education for young adults: fair and effective - review of education in prisons for young adults.

Project in progress

Prison Radio Association

Future prison podcast - the grant will produce six programmes facilitating a dialogue between BAME people, women and young adults with lived experience and policy leads in the Ministry of Justice.

In progress.

Redthread Birmingham

To intervene at A&E trauma centers with young adult victims of knife crime and gun wounds

Revolving Doors Agency

New Generation: leading for resilient young adults - developing and sharing trauma informed policing practice for young adults.


University of Leicester

Sex offender Registration: justice for the young - the research project will investigate the impact on children and young people of being placed on the Sex Offender Register.

Project underway.