Case study 1

This 19 year old young woman had been working with the project for over three months.  She described a life with family troubles and a first arrest at the age of 17, after which she was put on a diversion project.  Despite this she was arrested again at the age of 18. Finding herself in a situation with no source of formal support, difficult family relationships and little hope for her future, she contacted her probation officer for further advice. She came to the project seeking support with her family relationships and offending behaviour during her transition to adulthood.  

The project worker helped by listening to her, helping her to consider her options and by being supportive and encouraging. The worker also accompanied her to court hearings and helped her to write letters to the CPS, court and her solicitors. One to one sessions with her project worker helped to motivate and re-focus her emotions and aspirations. She attributed her growing self-esteem and confidence directly to the quality of support received from the project worker. Her motivations for further studies were encouraged by making her think about future goals. As a result of her engagement with the project she has greater self-confidence now and feels more supported and relaxed. She is currently considering applying to university and feels the support of her project worker has been crucial in helping her with this: “She wants to help me the best she can and that’s something that I couldn’t even imagine would happen.”