Case study 6

This 19 year old male, was half-way through a custodial sentence, with 4 months still to serve. He became aware of the project when he attended a meeting about it but was unsure what to expect from the project. He was worried about leaving prison and was anxious about applying for work and considered that he would be unlikely to find a job on release.  

At the first meeting with the T2A worker he was very surprised, and pleased, to find that he had choices and could exercise some control about what to focus on. He was not keen to be involved in any group work and preferred to work one-to-one. He made it clear that getting a job was a priority and with support from the project he managed to get a place on a fork-lift truck driving course. He was due to start this in the week he was interviewed and felt that if he could achieve the qualification it would enhance his job prospects. He also needed help to find independent accommodation for his release. The T2A worker had made applications to supported housing projects on his behalf but with no successful outcome as yet. He felt that the worker had put a lot of time and effort into this and was hopeful that something would be arranged.  

He stated that the support he received from his T2A worker had helped motivate him and instilled belief that he could have a positive future. He suffers from anxiety and depression and he felt that the consistent and non-judgemental support he received from the project was making a very big difference to his emotional well-being. His involvement in the project had helped to build his confidence and strengthen his communication skills. He believed this would enable him to achieve his goal of finding work.