Case study 4

This 18 year old white British male was referred to the project following a first offence for theft with the aim of providing him with additional support in his transition as he turned 18. He had a strained relationship with his family, and had previously struggled with anxiety. He had not engaged with education and was unemployed.

The project provided him with a mentor who he sees fortnightly. He can also call her as needed between appointments. He has built up a good relationship with his mentor and respects and values the advice and support that she gives him. They undertake a variety of activities together, including going for walks and to cafes which gives him the opportunity to talk to her in a relaxed and informal setting. She has also accompanied him to appointments, for example, at a local college to provide encouragement and support and to help him overcome his anxiety. While his mentor provides support and advice, she doesn’t solve the problems for him but helps him to find his own solutions.

Advice and support from the client’s mentor has improved his future prospects, self-confidence and familial relationships. The client is now able to keep to a budget, has applied to start an apprenticeship at a local college, and is waiting to see a counsellor. He is pleased with the progress he has made and reports that he has grown in confidence and is able to control his anxiety. He does not feel that he would have been able to achieve what he has in this short space of time without help from the project and now feels, for the first time, that his “future’s bright”.