Case Study 2

This 21 year old young woman was part way through a long custodial sentence. She had been working with the project for between two and three months.

She described a very troubled past, with an extensive criminal record which was violence and weapons related. Her relationship with her mother was a central area on concern for her and prior to involvement in the project she had not seen her for three years. The main support she was seeking from her project worker was to help build bridges with her family.

The T2A worker helped to facilitate telephone contact with her mother, and subsequently arranged a private visit. She stated that she felt very supported through this difficult process and that, despite on-going problems in the relationship with her mother, she now had a better understanding of the complexities in that relationship. Her expectations were more realistic and she felt better able to manage the situation.

She was very resistant to group work but was opening up to the possibility of enrolling on certain courses, such as the Virtual Campus, and domestic abuse support, to which the T2A worker had referred her. She described the impact of the support she received from her T2A worker as being a very significant part of her ability to cope: “She’s like my safety net at the minute, every time I fall she’s there to catch me.” The ‘open door’ policy of the project allowed her to express her feelings and better control her behaviour. She acknowledged that her ‘anger issues’ were directly related to the relationship with her mother, and being able to better understand that meant that she was less likely to take that anger out on other people. Her self-esteem and confidence were also growing which she attributed to the support she was receiving from the project.